Thursday, April 12, 2018

Bauman's Butt Hurt

It's very evident that Milwaukee Alderman Bob Bauman has a craw in his backside concerning the excitement that is Foxconn.  The arrogant alderman takes every opportunity to paint the job growing project as a failure and a tax sucking proposition.

At Thursday's Steering and Rules Committee hearing the downtown alderman had the opportunity to question to Wisconsin Department of Administration Strategic Economic Initiative Director Office - Matt Maroney.  I'd like to start out by saying Mr. Maroney is one heck of a good spokesman for Foxconn and the state. During the hearing Bauman took multiple opportunities to try to downgrade the project, all of them unsuccessful.

As the meeting ended, Alderman Bauman felt the need to take one last shot, a money shot if you will at Mr. Maroney and by extension Gov. Walker and anyone who was involved in bringing Foxconn to Wisconsin.

What seems absolutely astounding is the questions Ald. Bauman asks.  As a lead supporter of Tom's Trolley every question that Bauman asked was also asked of the Trolley and summarily dismissed by Bauman and supporters.  Yet in his infinite hypocrisy he has the chutzpah to bring them up while trying to diminish the positive aspects Foxconn project, JOBS.

I would again like to postulate that Mayor Barrett and his administration along with the Milwaukee Common Council are a reason that our city is in the dire condition we all have to endure.  We need change.

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