Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Gwen Moore's wasted Radio Time

Rep. Gwen Moore graced the City of Milwaukee today and spent 45 minutes on the radio with Earl Ingram, Jr.

What a waste of scripted time.

Her and Earl spent basically the entire time talking about welfare, spreading chicken little lies.  It seems Moore is more comfortable keeping her constituents on the government plantation rather than offering a path to freedom, via employment.

Not one iota of time of talking was about bringing jobs to Milwaukee.

As we see businesses relocating to Southeastern Wisconsin, those elected to represent Milwaukee are doing nothing to bring jobs here.  I wonder why?

Could it be that with the financial freedom that jobs represent the representatives who do nothing but hold feel good meetings and form feel good committees and pretend that sending out press releases are doing something would have to find new employment.

It's time to say goodbye to elected officials if they have no solutions to making Milwaukee a place businesses want to come to.

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