Thursday, November 30, 2017

Milwaukee Common Council Members Disrespecting the Pledge of Allegiance?

One would think that elected officials would not want to make the Pledge of Allegiance a point of contention, AKA the NFL.  In the Milwaukee Common Council that's been the case, but only because of silence. 

When council President Ashanti Hamilton announces that the Common Council will stand for the pledge and a moment of silence, three aldermen do stand, but instead of putting their hand over their heart for the pledge they stand with hands folded at their waist.  President Hamilton and aldermen Russell Stamper and Khalif Rainey assume the controversial position.

This is not a one time occurrence as I visited the City website and looked at the last few Common Council meetings and this is the norm. It does seem that President Hamilton is reciting the pledge but there is no discernible lip movement from Rainey and Stamper.

What also struck me odd while watching the above video is that Alderwoman Milele Coggs can be seen waddling out of the chambers while others are doing the pledge. I thought this was odd but wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt thinking she may have to use the ladies room.  So while I looked at the previous meeting I noticed that her chair, front and center of the chambers is always empty during the pledge and moment of silence. Some would argue it's empty during the rest of the meeting also.

Adding a bit of irony to this situation was item #1 on the days
 agenda, overriding Mayor Barrett's veto of a $500,000 allotment towards a study of a racial disparity study.  Watching Russell Stamper, the lead sponsor, plead his case using Council unity as a main point in his argument was laughable.  If you can't unify behind the flag of our Country and the Republic for which it stands you've already lost any moral ground to use unity as an argument for wasting a half million dollars.

On a positive note, it was one of the few times the talk a lot say little Stamper was quiet.

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