Thursday, November 9, 2017

Gwen Moore Poop to Power to Charcoal?

The other day I was talking with a Democratic powerhouse about life in Milwaukee. It was a fun talk as we had only interacted via Facebook in the past and it's always nice to go from Internet buddies to real life buddies.  And yes, Republicans and Democrats can disagree on issues and be civil to one another.  We chatted about issues and circumstances in the city we both love for about 90 minutes after an event we both attended.

I asked this person what has Gwen Moore done for the city of Milwaukee or the 4th Congressional district as far as jobs was concerned and even broadened the parameters to her time in the Wisconsin State House.

They couldn't come up with anything so we found an issue we could agree on.  Gwen Moore's done virtually nothing for the city.

One of Gwen's claim to fame is the embarrassing Poop to Power.

She's also know to take quite a few trips to Africa in the past for reasons unknown.  Well I may have found the reason for her frequent trips.

Now of course I'm making up the supposition here - or am I?

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