Thursday, November 2, 2017

Calling Jason Rae

With the devastating excerpts from Donna Brazile about the 2016 election and Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders hitting the front pages of most major media, I wonder why none of the local media hasn't approached the Democratic National Committee Secretary, Jason Rae.

Jason is the wonderboy of local democratic politics who is a Senior Associate at Nation Consulting, a major player in liberal Wisconsin politics.  In Feb. of 2017 he was elected  Secretary of the DNC, on a platform which included making the DNC more transparent.

I guess we can thank Mr. Rae for persuading Donna Brazile to write a tell all (except of her shenanigans) book and making the backroom financial probably illegal dealings an open chapter of her book.  It's just a shame that she beat Jason to the punch in the whole transparency thing.

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Jeff Simpson said...

for the same reason they still havent asked Scott Walker about his son stealing a van..... They are toothless