Sunday, October 1, 2017

The Gerrymander Slant

The US Supreme Court will be hearing the Wisconsin Gerrymander case, Gill v. Whitford, this week.  The push from the liberal media is intriguing and slanted in its presentation, but then I'm repeating myself.

PBS Newshour Weekend ran an episode this weekend concerning the upcoming case. It highlighted one Helen Harris, former MPS Principle who lives in a neighborhood of $300,000 homes on Milwaukee's far north west side who was part of the group who sued the state of Wisconsin concerning the 2010 redistricting.  She was redistricted out of a solidly Democratic district to a Republican one.

What was left out of the reporting is that Mrs. Harris' husband, Curt, is long time democratic operative, including being the Treasurer of Democratic Assemblyman Fred Kessler's election committee.  Kessler, who was also interviewed for the piece and was a neighbor of the Harris's before carpetbagging into a newly drawn district, was the Democratic representative in their former district.

Besides being a current member of the Wisconsin Assembly, Kessler, is also a prominent member of Fair Elections Project, the group behind the lawsuit.  This is the same Fred Kessler, who in a August 9, 2009 Milwaukee Journal opinion piece said,
"I am a partisan, and I know how to draw legislative district lines to the benefit of the Democratic Party. I will do so if I have the opportunity."
This was written during a time when the Democrats controlled the Governor's Office, the State Senate and State Assembly.  If they were truly interested in making changes to the redistricting laws they would have done so then, before the 2010 elections in which they bet they were going to retain their majorities and not get their backsides handed to them.

One of the "statistics" the Democrats toss around is the 2012 election, in which the Democrats received more votes in Assembly races than the Republicans, but won far fewer seats.  What is not mentioned is that the Democrats, still shocked by the 2010 elections ran more candidates in 2012 than the Republicans which accounted for the 151,000 more votes.  If one were to use only Assembly races in which both a Democrat and Republican were on the ballot, the Republicans had 198,000 more votes.

Did you ever wonder why the Democrats and the Fair Elections Project didn't use totals from the 2014 or 2016 races?  The demoralized Dems couldn't come up with enough candidates to stock the voting totals.

Hopefully the US Supreme Court will see past the false outrage of the sinking political left and allow the State of Wisconsin and all other states take responsibility for what the Constitution allows.

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hankdog said...

Wow, complaining about Kesslers alleged carpetbagging. Take a look at the likes of Vos, Lasee, and former R greats like Gard and Ribble. So many hypocrites, so little time.