Thursday, July 27, 2017

Give Me the Money

I can remember sitting at Elmbrook Church quite a few years back and Pastor Stuart Briscoe was preaching about money.  He seldom talked about money but the scripture he was expounding on demanded his attention.  Unfortunately I don't remember the verses the exegesis was concerned with nor his exact terminology which was much more elegant than mine here.

His point was a life long lesson that I've used over the 30 years or so since I heard the message.  He said the two sure fire ways to get people to give money were doom & gloom and health & wealth. 

Any message between the two extremes is far less successful at raising large amounts of funds.  

This truth Pastor Briscoe taught that day expands to non financial matters also.  Look at the news and all the click bait web sites.  Would we respond if they didn't use the extremes to get our attention.

Just something to ponder.

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