Friday, June 2, 2017

Milwaukee - Getting the Least Bang for Its Buck

When politicians keep asking for more money to "get the job done" the answer from many, especially on the political right is how are you spending the taxes you collect from us now.

In an absolutely stunning video Milwaukee Alderman Bob Bauman seems surprised that additional layers of bureaucracy adds costs to city projects.  It's amazing what a minute can expose.

You heard that right.  Ald. Bauman paid to have his sewer laterals repaired so he and his family would not be affected by lead in his water and it cost him $6,000.  He seems surprised that the City of Milwaukee will be paying $550,000 or $10,500 for the first 50 homes to have the same work done, but that the cost will rise to double the amount Bauman paid because the contractor low balled the first bid so he could get his foot in the door.

So, if the city allowed the free enterprise system to work its magic, they could either pay 1/2 the price per job saving $250,000 or they could double the amount of homes that will have their the lead pipes removed and preserve the lives and health of city taxpayers.

What will be done?  You can bet that not one Alderman will try to move legislation to make the best use of taxpayer money, but they will continue to pile on prohibitions in the form of the bidding process to keep costs at a premium and the rate of return at a minimum for taxpayers.

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