Friday, June 23, 2017

The Gerrymander Hand to Face of County Supervisors

Mike Mayo Supervisor 7th District
In what has to be the major hand to face moment of yesterdays MKE County Board meeting (except they went passed noon and no one complained about missing lunch) Supervisor David Sartori introduced an anti gerrmandering resolution and it passed 16-2. Thank you Supervisors Deanna Alexander and Dan Sebring for voting the right way on this.

In the 2011 reshaping of the County Board after the 2010 census, the County Board downsized from 19 to 18 supervisors eliminating one board seat. That of conservative supervisor, Joe Rice. They gerrymandered the board to eliminate on of the three conservative supervisors on the board.  Supervisor Rice sued the County & some supervisors and did win most of his lawsuit against the County, but reshaping the County's voting districts was not won.

In the height of hypocrisy, Supervisors Michael Mayo and Peggy West both asked to be co-sponsors of "non partisan" voting districts proposed by Sartori, yet they were instrumental in the County Board gerrymander of 2011.  To add to the spectacle Supervisor Marcelia Nicholson stands up and thanks ultra liberal labor front group Citizens Action for their "help".  One can be guaranteed they wrote   resolution #17-423.

I will be contacting Supervisor Sartori and asking him if he will be proposing a similar resolution for the County Board as they will be redrawing districts in a few years.  Whether he does it or the board passes it will be a test of their convictions.   I'll keep you updated.

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