Thursday, June 22, 2017

Is Paul Ryan a Goner?

This is some sort of crazy.  A fourth person and 3rd Democrat has announced they are running to be the next Congressperson in Wisconsin's 1st District.  And that doesn't include incumbent Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, whom I'm sure will run.

 The media has consistently wrongly predicted the demise of the Speaker since he's accepted the position.  In his House elections he's never received under 54% of the vote and often gets over 60% of the vote.  His campaign has around $25 million in the bank.

Most of all he is totally supported by Republicans in the Wisconsin's 1st Congressional District.

Paul Nehlen has announced he will again primary Ryan, though he's done nothing to garner any support since he amassed 16% of the vote in 2016.

On the Democratic side, David Yankovich who recently moved into the district from Ohio, SEIU candidate Randy Bryce and retired school teacher and current Janesville school board member Cathy Myers have all declared their candidacy.  In a district that over overwhelmingly votes for Ryan, they have a huge uphill battle.

I'm all for political choices but this one is a bit puzzling since the Democrats will have to spend a good chunk of campaign cash just to win the primary and Nehlen proved to be nothing more than press release candidate the last time around, unless of course you count his scam-pac.

Here's the head scratcher, Paul Ryan has 4 challengers and incompetent Gwen Moore has none.  Politics is a funny thing sometimes.

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