Monday, May 8, 2017

Under Mayor Ashanti Hamilton ...

There is no secret that Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton has in his sights the Mayor's Office.  His ascension to Common Council President derailed the ambitions of former President Michael Murphy.

In case anyone has a question about what kind of mayor Hamilton will be, I think we got a peak this last week with the way he reacted to the revelations of a property owned by slum lord Alderman Russell Stamper II.  Not only was the condition of the rental property reprehensible but so was the reaction of Stamper to the renter.

FoxTV6 did a segment on the disgusting conditions of one of Stamper's rental units.  Holes in the outside wall, no heat in the upstairs, uncovered electrical wiring and RATS were the conditions of the Stamper owned property.  When the tenant could not get satisfaction from her landlord it seems she was going to approach her alderman, who was Russell Stamper II.  Obviously getting Stamper to rectify the situation wasn't going to happen so she went to Department of Neighborhood Services for help.

Stamper's reaction -

That's right, Alderman Stamper took the tenant to court to get her evicted because she had the audacity to want to have a place that was livable and without RATS.

So now to Ashanti Hamilton's reaction.  Hamilton had appointed Stamper to the Special Joint Committee on the Redevelopment of Abandoned and Foreclosed Homes, that was to address the cities problem of slum landlords and home ownership.

Even after the damning evidence and despicable reaction by Stamper, Hamilton said through his spokesman that even this situation did not warrant the removal of Stamper from the committee designed to reign in slum lords and the negative effect they are having on Milwaukee.

What one can conclude is that if there ever is a Mayor Hamilton that he will not have the fortitude to do the right thing and instead play by the status quo rules which have allowed the city to fall into the disarray it finds itself.  Great leadership make the tough decisions.

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