Sunday, October 16, 2016

Feel Good Failure Law #5

The Milwaukee Common Council voted to "Ban the Box" and deserves the Feel Good Failure Award.

In reality all this action did was solidify what was already being done or not done as the case may be.  It's been a few years since the city made someone check "the box" when filling out an job application.

For those not aware, "the box" is a question on the application asking of applicants had ever been convicted of a crime.

Here's the ugly truth about this legislation - it does nothing to help anyone to get a job.  Banning the box doesn't prohibit any employer, in this case the City of Milwaukee, from doing an extensive background check.

During the common council discussion supporters argued that this makes applicants feel better because it gives the impression that the application process will move forward without checking up on the job seekers background.  As Ald. Chantia Lewis said, it makes people "feel as though they can get a second chance".  

This is truly a feel good failure legislation lie for applicants and gives false hope to those looking for meaningful employment.


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