Sunday, August 7, 2016

Part 2 - Republican voting in Democratic Primay The Southside Edition

The Democrats have three southside partisan primaries this coming Tuesday for the State Assembly, the Republicans nada.  The good news is that there is still an opportunity for Republicans to help choose who they want to represent them in the Wisconsin Assembly.  Crossover voting is that option.

The starkest difference between any of the six candidates is the one in the 8th Assembly District where incumbent Jocasta Zamarripa faces off against Laura Manriquez. My research shows that Manriquez is a very common sense Democrat in the mold of Jason Fields. In other words she will fight the good fight getting what she can working with the majority Republicans to improve the life of her South Side constituents. Jocasta has spent her time in the assembly telling anyone who will listen she was the first Latina voted into the Assembly but also the first Latina to do nothing of substance for her constituents.  It's time for Zamarripa to be the first Latina voted out of the Assemby.

It's for that reason that I would encourage both Democrats and Republicans in the 8th Assembly District to vote for Laura Manriquez.

In the 9th and 20st Assembly districts two run of the mill Democrats are looking to add onto their pension.  Josh Zepnick who took 3rd place in the recent Milwaukee alderman race (with 2% of the vote) is trying to persuade constituents of the 9th district to send him back to Madison since they didn't want him representing them in Milwaukee. His opponent is attorney Marisabel Cabrera who's in deep with the far far left progressive wing of the Democratic party. Sadly there isn't a choice worth marking for conservatives.

20th District rep Christine Sinicki is hanging around showing off her Archie Bunker vocabulary lessons. 

Unfortunately for district residents her opponent, Julie Meyer is a died in the wool union teacher, at least that's the way she described herself in a Wisconsin Eye interview.  Her priorities for the 20th are teachers, teachers and teachers.  Unfortunately there is no good choice here either.

This is part 2 of a 3 part series on the Aug 9th partisan primary.

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