Sunday, August 7, 2016

My Democratic Primay votes - by a Republican part 1

This has been one crazy election season and it looks to continue on that track until November. As a Republican in Milwaukee we have no partisan primary elections to vote in. That is unless you take this opportunity to vote the Democratic primaries.

I very seldom vote for Democrats but this coming Tuesday it looks as though I'll be casting my vote for 3 them. This post looks at the county wide elections of district attorney and the 4th congressional district.

The Congressional battle is a choice between former state senator Gary George and current representative Gwen Moore.  As a congresswoman Gwen Moore has done nothing as far as legislation for Milwaukee.  The only job she's created is the $80,000 a year gig for her sister in Gwen's campaign office.


So by default my vote will go to Gary George. 

The District Attorney's race has formed a strange bedfellows coalition against John Chisholm. Conservatives in the area rightfully feel that Chisholm overextended his authority during the John Doe probe and black liberal organizations are disgusted with his decisions on the whole black lives matter issue.

What these diverse groups have in common is a desire to end his reign and replace him with Verona Swanigan.   The district attorney's office has assumed a role as a partisan organization both by what it has and hasn't done. I'm up for change and that change will take the face of Ms. Swanigan on Tuesday.

This is the first part of 3 concerning the upcoming partisan primaries.

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