Sunday, August 7, 2016

Da North Side Democratic vote for Republicans

As usual, the Northside of Milwaukee is ablaze with Democratic primaries. We have three Assembly districts and two State Senate districts up for grabs.

The hottest of these races is one where I live, the 4th Senate district where Lena Taylor the incumbent is facing off against Mandela Barnes the inept. I've gotten a half dozen mailers from groups supporting Taylor and zero from Barnes, which is coincidentally the same amount of bills he's authored in his four years in the Assembly. 

I'm not a fan of Sen Taylor but she will get my vote this Tuesday and then on Wednesday I will start to attack her on the issues we disagree on.

In the 6th senate district three individuals are looking to replace Nikiya Harris Dodd.   Thomas Harris seems to be the conservatives best choice in this race.

The most exciting aspect in this years elections is the hopeful return of Jason Fields to serve the 11th Assembly district over out of touch progressive Darrol Gibson.

Leon Young has again drawn a cadre of opponents with uber lefty Edgar Lin along with the backing of the White Working Family non Party making the most noise in the 16th district.

The 17th Assembly district has two Democratic heavy's, David Crowley and Marcus Hart along with long time Representative Annette "Polly" Williams daughter Kim Burns. If it was me, I'd vote for Ms. Burns.

this is the final of 3 posts concerned with the 2016 Wisconsin Partisan Primaries.

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