Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Rep Janel Brandtjen is Rightly Wrong

Republican State Rep. Janel Brandtjen rightly placed blame for Milwaukee's crime woes on Mayor Tom Barrett.  It comes with the job mayor, if you don't like or want the responsibility I'm sure there are other job opportunities for you. Her displeasure that surrounding communities are becoming more affected is understandable.  If we were honest we'd agree with her, no one really wants to suffer the consequences of others actions.

Her solution to the problem is wrong if not outright absurd.

How would cutting resources for the city help?  She may have an idea, but unfortunately none of the news media either asked or printed her answer.  As a city resident who lives 1/2 block outside of her district I'd be interesting in knowing.  She will be getting an email from me asking.

Thankfully Gov. Scott Walker showed the concern that should have been displayed by Brandtjen.  There needs to be a willingness to find solutions to the problem, like the way Republicans acquiesced to Rep. John Nygren and his daughters struggle with drugs.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is also right that an unlimited amount of additional money is not the answer to the cities problems.  It's a social problem, not a fiscal one.

The reaction by the black community with Mandela Barnes and Lena Taylor leading the pack are way to typical. The real problem is not the reaction to how crime affects others, but the lack of reaction and solutions by Milwaukee elected officials. 

And I guess I'll end this by asking why do only the affected people react to "dog whistles" and not the accused intended ears?


capper said...

How is it the Mayor's fault? He's been in office for over a decade without this happening. What is new is the Republicans in Madison and their anti-Milwaukee agenda. And if you were honest, you would admit that the increase in problems are very closely timed to the increasing attacks on our community from these white flight fools.

yoSAMite said...

The mayor is responsible for what happens in the city. Using your argument why aren't we seeing the same problems in other cities? But I'm sure a trolley run by union employees will solve the problem.

capper said...

One would think that would be true, but this is Wisconsin, er, Fitzwalkerstan.

Milwaukee is the only Class A city in the state, so there is nothing to compare it to.

And how can the mayor be responsible when he doesn't have local control? The state decided to take over the schools. The state decided that the city couldn't have residency rules for their employees. The state is deciding a lot of things for the city without any input from us.

How can he be responsible when he doesn't have the authority to correct them?

Local control and small government are just two more fallacies that the right keeps trying to tell us when it is so obviously not true.