Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day Political Humdrums

There are some activities that should be safe from politics.  Mother's Day is one of those.

Here a couple of social media Mother's Day wishes that make you want to scream.

Other moms don't matter?

I'd like 9-5 to show me a mom who doesn't work.

And then the worst mother's day greeting has to go to the liberal sleaze outfit One Wisconsin Now and it head honcho Scot Ross.
 There were some more sensible Mother's Day greeting also we should acknowledge them.

We would all live in a much happier society if we kept our lives in a proper perspective.  You would think that some people and organizations would be able to see the world outside of their political ghetto and spread some joy.  It's sad to think that a joyous occasion can't spoil their sad world view.


Mary De Young said...

Sam, there's a personality type that has to insert their political views into even the most innocent of pastimes and muddy the waters, in another time they were known as "busybodies"...however these people make the olden day busybodies look like slackers in their neurotic, hysterical pursuit of meddling where they shouldn't. Aloha from Hawaii.

yoSAMite said...

Aloha Mary, good point.