Saturday, April 9, 2016

Dale Kooyenga vs the City of Milwaukee

We often hear how "non-community" Republican legislators dislike Milwaukee.  They do crazy things like propose legislation that will shake up the status quo and we all know how much current leadership dislikes being challenged.  One of the biggest perpetrators is Rep. Dale Kooyenga.

Well Rep. Kooyenga has really stepped into it now.  He read a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article about a how a Wisconsin law prohibits anyone who owns a tavern, restaurant or retail liquor business from obtaining a permit for a brewery, and in particular how Like Minds brewery had decided to expand its business in Chicago rather than Milwaukee because of the law.

Kooyenga's brashness is that he set up a meeting between the owners of the brewery, the Tavern League of Wisconsin, the state Department of Revenue and legislators to find a work around for this problem.

In the end Like Minds will end up with both a brewery in Milwaukee and Chicago.  A win for everyone.

What's sad about this story is that not one Milwaukee area legislator paid attention to the article nor saw an opportunity to bring jobs to Milwaukee.  Where was Jonathan Brostoff, whose 19th Assembly district is now the home of Like Minds.  Where was Sen. Chris Larson whose Senate district is also the beneficiary of Rep. Kooyenga's initiative? 

How about Reps. David Bowen, Mandella Barnes, Leon Young, Evan Goyke, LaTonya Johnson - all absent.  Instead they are content playing the victim role for their constituents and laying false accusations about a legislator who's willing to look at a circumstance and see the potential in any situation.

These Milwaukee area legislators will soon be running for re-election and they will fill their campaign literature with excuses about why they didn't accomplish a thing in the last two years.  It's time for Milwaukee residents to ask not only the tough questions, but the follow ups.  When will these men and women do something positive for the city rather than blame Republicans for at least trying something new and seeing the realm of possibility for an underutilized city.

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