Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Will the Milwaukee County Board Play Santa

In the continuing battle of power between the Milwaukee County Board and Chris Abele with the consequential wasting of money, County Board Chair Theo Lipscomb is going to ask the board to not only authorize a lawsuit against Abele, but to secede power to Lipscomb.

As I've mentioned before, one of the gripes the board has against the executive is his perceived power grab.  It makes no sense to me that Lipscomb would not only ask for a change in the county ordinance to acquire unilateral power but that the board would give it to him.

The MKE County Board with the blessings of Chris Abele will also in all probability "give" the Milwaukee Art Museum some of the most valuable properties in the City. The cash strapped county in a NON CASH transaction with "the museum would end an 84-year lease and take ownership of its buildings, including the lower level of the building that is home to the War Memorial Center."

Not only will the County Board give the three buildings to the Art Museum, they will pay the Art Museum about $2 million dollars and lose over $1 million on parking revenue.

Is it really any wonder why Milwaukee County residents voted to reduce the boards pay by half?

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Anonymous said...

1) Yes the lawsuit reignite went through.
2) Yes they funded the MAM Deal. After 10 days of public comment. Real transparency there.