Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Devil Made Me Do It

It wasn’t true when Flip Wilson popularized it, it wasn’t true in the Garden of Eden and it isn’t true today.

No one’s words can make me or you do anything. They can push, pull, intimidate, encourage, depress, frighten, please or soothe us, but they can’t make us do anything.  Even God’s Word can’t make one do something, including becoming a Christian.  God makes it clear that salvation is the work of the Holy Spirit. 

It’s a weak person or group that refuses to take responsibility for their action and in today’s political climate the weak are inheriting the earth.  People from both sides of the political spectrum want to blame others for their actions or often their lack of action.

I believe the term is man up.  Take responsibility for your actions. Nobody’s words make you do anything, you choose to act based on input, but you choose no one else.  Neither President Obama, Donald Trump nor Governor Walker are responsible for your behavior – you are buttercup.  

Face up to it like a grown up and accept the consequences of your actions.

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