Sunday, March 13, 2016

Milwaukee Mayor Debate - "Really?" Statements by Tom Barrett

Watching the WISN Mayoral Debate and here's some "really" statements by Tom Barrett.

According to Barrett, Milwaukee is a "racially balanced" city.

Barrett sees the poverty all the time.  His solution is to rebuild the libraries.

You're assessment went down Bob, we checked.  Who's we?  Is the mayor's office involved in this campaign?

Education? - The mayors done nothing and says he will continue to do so.

When asked about turn around district in MPS Barrett was asked if it was true that he declined the opportunity to be involved.  His answer was no, but then explained how he did nothing and chose not be involved, so the legislature moved on to the County Executive.  A perfect Barrett do nothing answer.

Barrett said "I don't want a mayor who won't take a stand."
     Isn't that the epitome of the liberal argument, I don't want someone who does what I
     do or in the case of Barrett he argues that he wouldn't vote for himself.

In closing arguments, Barrett does the personal attack against Donovan rather than praise his accomplishments.

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