Thursday, March 24, 2016

Hypocrisy, thy name is Chris Larson

As State Senator and County Executive candidate Chris Larson continues to badger Senator Lena Taylor, he comes out with one of the best lines of sanctimoniousness hogwash of the election season.

Larson who's campaign is moving forward on the backs of the progressively wrong groups Wisconsin Jobs Now, Voces de la Frontera, Fight for $15, the Wisconsin Working Families Party (which really isn't a political party) and other union front groups he has the nerve to say this in a politically charged press release about the actions of Lena Taylor supporters:

"Having her allies, like former Alderman Mike McGee, harass my campaign staff and volunteers, or disrupt important community events is simply uncalled for"
Larson, who's supported by the George Soros fundlings that have disrupted Republican events across the country and are gearing up to do the same here in Wisconsin has the nerve to criticize other mobocratic groups who are doing the same, this time the difference is his associates are on the getting end rather than the receiving end.

This campaign battle between the new progressive Kessler/Larson wing of the Democratic party, the loosing power of Milwaukee black democrats wing and the old money wing of the Dem party is getting uglier and uglier - and I have to admit that I'm liking it.

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