Thursday, March 31, 2016

County Supervisor John Weishan Playing Loose With Campaign Rules - Again

It's been reported that Milwaukee County Supervisor John Weishan is being investigated for falsely claiming he alone gathered the signatures required to gain access to the April 5th voting ballot.  It's our understanding that not only did he falsify multple nomination papers, a felony, but he lied under oath to the Milwaukee Elections Commission.

This isn't the first time that Weishan has been reckless when it comes to gaining the trust of voters.  In his failed campaign for the Wisconsin Assembly the Milwaukee Supervisor used county money to lay a seed for the seat by mailing a pseudo campaign literature piece to Waukesha County residents in the 15th Assembly District.  The seat he filed to run for shortly after the mailing.  I'm sure residents of Milwaukee were pleased to see their money used to keep Waukesha residents "informed".

To add insult to injury Weishan then relied on his buddies on the county board judiciary committee to have Milwaukee County residents pay lawyer Mike Maistelman $9,382 to justify his ill advised expenditure.  I'm sure it was purely an act of God that Maistelman's fee fell just under the $10,000 to keep jurisdiction in the judiciary committee.

Back to the current dilemma, why Weishan felt he needed to sign the nomination papers rather than the person who distributed them is beyond me.  It's legal and commonplace for politicians to have others help them gather the required signatures.  What was there to hide on Weishan's part?

Every politician is susceptible to a campaign error, but when campaign mistakes become the norm it's time for action. The case is now in the hands of the Brown County District Attorney, who Milwaukee County Chief Judge Maxine White assigned the case to after Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm requested a special prosecutor to avoid any potential conflicts of interest.

Weishan does have an opponent on Tuesday, Scott Espeseth.  One can only hope that voters in the 16th Supervisory District get to hear the truth about the current Supervisor before Tuesday's election.  Espeseth will serve the area well.

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