Sunday, February 21, 2016

Union Backed Group Wants a Progressive Radio Station

James Causey of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported on a union backed attempt to get another Progressive Talk Radio station on the airways in Milwaukee.  It's an opinion piece that brings up more questions than it answers.

For instance, here's math the progressive way.  A few years back WMCS-AM 1290 had two local progressive radio shows on the air, with hosts Eric Von and Earl Ingram, Al Sharpton's show also aired.  When WMCS changed formats, WNOV-AM 860 picked up the slack and now has two radio shows hosted by Eric Von and Sherwin Hughes, followed by Al Sharpton.

Somehow according to the article, "Talk radio was more balanced" during the time of WMCS, even though there is an hour of more time devoted to local hosts now. Hughes shows runs three hours whereas Ingrams' show was only two hours.  I'm sure that Causey didn't mean to this back handed swipe at Hughes and WNOV, but certainly read that way.

What's highly evident from this line of thought is that the message doesn't matter to Milwaukee progressives, but who has the power over those delivering the message.  In this case it's Citizen Action of Wisconsin, which is not a grass-roots organization as Causey claims in the article, but is a union financed puppet group.  As executive director of Citizen Action, Robert Kraig who hosted the meeting earned $74,000 in 2013, not bad for some grass-roots organizing. 

The rallying point behind this "new" endeavor is the aforementioned Ingram.  In the MJS article he claims that local conservative talk show hosts have not only put and kept Gov. Walker, the State Assembly and Senate in power, but also Judges, alderman and county supervisors.  Mr. Ingram, it's time you really looked at who has the power in Milwaukee.

Hint - it's not the conservatives, it's the progressive who are putting their all behind the election of State Senator Chris Larson for County Executive.

In another retread idea, Citizen Action wants to hire a person or find volunteers to monitor local conservative radio hosts and try to bury them under paperwork complaints and to badger advertisers on these stations.  This was tried a few years and obviously it didn't work.  When I questioned Earl Ingram about this via Facebook, he informed me the difference this time was that they were "serious" this time.

If the group was honestly serious they would be working toward making WNOV a stronger progressive voice by helping them secure advertisers and additional shows. The problem of course is if they went the support route they would have to give up power and that is the bottom line.

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