Sunday, February 14, 2016

Spring Primary Choices - Milwaukee Style

This Tuesday, February 16th, Wisconsin residents will take the first of four 2016 votes to determine the next two years of leadership in Milwaukee and the state.  Here are my choices.

The first race to grab my attention is the 9th Alderman District in Milwaukee. A field of six candidates are vying for the seat of incumbent Robert Puente. There are some good challengers in this race, but my choice is David King. David is a solid conservative, has served the city through his ministry and as a Pastor. His message is one of shaking up the status quo of City Hall and he is a man of his word and when elected he will stir the pot.

Another interesting battle is the 6th Alderman District currently under-served by Milele Coggs. She works hard, but the results are minimal for the area.  New blood is needed and Ronny Thompson has the vision and foresight to move the Bronzeville area and MLK Drive forward.

Willie Wade wanted to crown his successor in the 7th Alderman District, but a better choice in Dr. Michael Bonds has stepped up to the plate and he deserves the opportunity to continue to serve the citizens of Milwaukee in this new capacity.

Sign stealing Nik Kovac faces two challengers and newcomer Shannon Hayden deserves the chance to move on to the general election in the 3rd Alderman District.

Either Monique Kelly or Andrew Shaw will face off against current 4th District Alderman Bob Bauman. Kelly works hard and Shaw has a Billion Dollar idea he'd like to implement. Either one should give Bauman a good run for his big money in April.

Bob Donovan is doubling down on his opportunity to serve the citizens of Milwaukee. This is a disappointment, but neither of his opponents will will bring new ideas or opportunities to the area and both will continue pushing a do nothing agenda for the 8th Alderman District.

The 2nd Alderman District is in for a unhealthy change in representation with all the candidates to the political left of current Alderman and Mayoral candidate Joe Davis. The best of the lot seems to be community activist extraordinaire Tracey Dent. Tracey truly has a heart to serve, he just needs to find ways other than increase spending and therefor taxes to do it.

The scenario I'd like to see for Milwaukee Mayor seems a bit of a dream but I like both Joe Davis and Bob Donovan. Donovan has been outspoken on the trolley and an outstanding proponent of public safety.  Joe Davis, though not as vociferous has some excellent ideas concerning education and the trolley.  Either would be a better choice than the current inhabitant of the Mayor's office. You have to give credit to James Methu for his effort and determination, but a better choice for him would have been to pursue a seat on the common council or county board.

On the County side, we have 2 primaries to dwindle down the candidates.

In the 11th District three people are vying to replace now Alderman Mark Borkowski.  Patricia T. Najera, Dan Sebring, and Yaghnam F. Yaghnam  are the choices.  Our choice is Dan Sebring, a conservative who's been active in politics for years and has a good solid understanding of the needs and focus the county board should strive for.

Finally, the County Executive race is only get more ugly as we move closer to the final election in April. The Chris Larson campaign seems to continually find ways to get derailed despite continued support from Milwaukee area progressives. Current County Executive Chris Abele has the upper hand in this race and will get our vote and I expect these two will continue the battle until April 5th when Abele will return to the County Executive's office and Chris Larson will remain a non entity in the Wisconsin Senate.


Anonymous said...

interesting that no one is talking about the City Comptrollers race. Argueably the 3rd or 4th most important job in City Gov. Milwaukee would be much different (and not better) if Wally Morics hadn't put the brakes on some of Norquists goofiness. What are the real skills of Johnny Thomas?

yoSAMite said...

The major reason the City Comptrollers race was being overlooked is because there was no primary. I do agree that this race should be looked at in the future and I'll put it on yoSAMite says' to do list.