Monday, February 1, 2016

A Bad Bill by Sen. Scott Fitzgerald

Sen. Scott Fitzgerald is proposing a new law that will prohibit County Executives from serving simultaneously in the State Senate.

He is wrong on this.

I'm a bit disappointed in a state legislature that makes it more difficult for non-incumbents to run for office. Many of the changes in campaign law have only had a positive impact on incumbents. 

As an example, raising the dollar amounts campaigns can raise. That has virtually no effect on those not in office who wish to serve, since they have trouble raising any significant money at all. Even though this change and others were pushed by Republicans, the Democrats fake outrage of these laws that benefit them is also laughable.

Sen. Fitzgerald's excuse for bringing up this bill to the MJS is the amount of money potential senate candidate Mark Harris, a Democrat, is making as Winnebago County Executive.  A note to the Sen. Majority Leader - it's none of your business what someone earns outside of their duties as a State Senator. Tear this proposal up and allow the citizens of an area decide who they want to represent them in the Legislature.

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