Sunday, January 31, 2016

Milwaukee County Board vs The BoogeyMan

Milwaukee County Chair, Theo Lipscomb, seems to need a boogeyman to prove his importance and the reason his job should continue to be a full time gig.  This boogeyman takes the form of County Executive Chris Abele.

There is no question that the exec and the county board don't trust each other, but one would think that a goal of each would be to look for areas where they can amicably work together to solve problems and potential problems of their constituents, you know the people they are suppose to work for.  But alas that isn't the case with the dysfunction known as Milwaukee County politics.

To correct a situation where the County Exec could try to sell what seems is Non-Park parkland, though he has no intent of doing so, Lipscomb and other supervisors have decided to propose a resolution to prevent him from doing what he has no plans to do. In fact, according the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel the County Exec has taken proactive steps to get the non-park Parks rezoned to prevent him or any future County Exec from selling these jewels of the county.

So why would Lipscomb and a few other supervisors feel the need to not only pass a resolution for something that is already in process but to set the stage for this resolution as an attack on Chris Abele? It's the way the County Board has operated for the last few years under the leadership of Marina Dimitrijevic and now Lipscomb.

Here was an opportunity in which two branches of County government along with local municipalities could have had a kumbaya moment in fixing a potential fight before it happened and tried to gain the confidence of residents. Instead the County Board lead by Lipscomb and joined by Supervisors Dimitrijevic and Jason Haas decided to build a straw man crises when none is imminent.

I'm sure the three mentioned supervisors support of Chris Larson to become the next County Executive had nothing to do with this manufactured political talking point.

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