Monday, December 7, 2015

Voter Suppression in the Spring Election

I went to a meeting of mostly Milwaukee alderman candidates in last Friday.  Politically, the flavor reached across the whole spectrum from right to left.  I enjoyed the discussion and honesty these candidates shared with each other.

One of the very interesting views that all of them agreed upon was the idea that the controlling interests in Milwaukee wanted to not only to suppress the vote so the politically powerful could keep their power, but it was also important to keep voters in the dark about issues.  In other words they needed to keep voters uninformed and confused on issues.

They weren't talking about the usual scapegoat, the Republicans, as they elaborated their concerns and battles.  It was the Progressives Democrats whom they focused on.

That was one of the eye opening revelations of the evening. I'm looking forward to talking to more of the candidates wanting to shake up the status quo in the Metro Milwaukee area and can't wait for the heat of the battle to really kick in.

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