Sunday, December 20, 2015

Troops Coming Home to Mitchell Field in Milwaukee

I was at Mitchell Field today to pick up my grandson who is spending his college break here in Milwaukee.  As I'm waiting for him Concourse D at Mitchell starts to fill up with families.  Well actually partial families. Women and children without their dads.

I come to find out that a group of soldiers were coming home after 212 days serving overseas. The airport concourse was dripping with excitement as the kids, wives, parents and interested bystanders gathered as time slowly ticked toward their arrival.  My grandson told me that the men stayed back as other passengers disembarked and then they came down the Concourse Exit together as the team they so definitely were.

Here's a video I took of them meeting their families. It was one of those moments in life when you aren't disappointed that things didn't go to plan.

 Here's a few pictures I grabbed also.

All in all a super experience.

My heart rejoiced at their service and sacrifice.

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