Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Battle of Lawn Signs

As I've mentioned before this election season is just astonishing to watch and to be a part of.  The stories I'm hearing are blowing me away.

I got a call today from Russell Goodwin, a candidate for the 2nd Aldermanic District being vacated by mayoral hopeful Joe Davis.  Someone complained to the City Elections Commission that they didn't like the placement and amount of Yard Signs that are appearing in the district.

The solution proposed from the person at the Elections Commission was that the signs needed to come down or a fine would be assessed by the Department of Neighborhood Services and the matter turned over to the County DA.

Candidate Goodwin called the Department of Neighborhood Services and found out there is no fine for a yard sign violation, the Department of Public Works would just take the signs down if placed improperly and it's highly unlikely that the DA's office would be called into action for no complying with the yard sign ordinance.  He was also informed that other candidates often move signs, take pictures and make accusations.

After that conversation, Goodwin called the City Elections Commission and started questioning the lady who he previously talked to. He offered to pay the fine if his volunteers broke the law, but she couldn't tell him what the fine was and to admit there was none.

He then asked her if she knew if his volunteers were the ones to place the signs and she couldn't confirm that.  Then he tried to find out who brought the complaint.  After stalling, she finally admitted it was someone associated with the campaign of Sherman Morton, if not Morton himself.

This seems to be a perfect case of intimidation by someone who has a close working relationship to a certain candidate and an fellow city employee.

So let's look at Sherman Morton.  Here's a man who's been serving the 2nd Aldermanic District as an aide to soon to be former Alderman Joe Davis for 11 years.

Here's a post from his campaign facebook page "Good Morning family. ..just a quick observation. . We are looking at some possible landmark changes in the way our city is being run. There are people all over the city running for political office. It is important that we not only support them thru our words but with action also. Corporations. Groups. Organizations and Unions take control of our elected leaders because they put their money to work.. I refuse to be bought by any entity.. I WANT TO BE BOUGHT AND PAID FOR BY YOU..... And YOU ONLY.. All I'm saying is......... your 5. 10. 15. 20 dollar donations help me to compete with the big boys.. I KNOW IT'S HARD TO GIVE UP MONEY.. but... I'm asking.. help me to be your next Alderman.. your financial support is needed.."

Here's my question to Mr. Morton, what "landmark" changes have you made or encouraged in the last 11 years as an aide to whom you seem to accuse of being bought by Corporations, Groups, Organizations and Unions.

It seems to me that 11 years as an aide in City Hall makes you a part of the status quo people are trying to change, not an outsider.


Anonymous said...

speaking of signs... I only see 'Donovan for mayor" signs in the German Immersion School neighborhood. Not one for Barrett. What does that tell you?

Anonymous said...

Intimidation of candidates and/or campaigns regarding yard signs is but one way opposition tries to silence candidates. Sometimes they call your office and impersonate public officials. Listen ->

Unknown said...

Too bad I am just now seeing this. I would have loved to get a call with these questions.. feel free to call me at any time.

Sherman Morton

And yes.. I did file a complaint about the sign olacements.. His signs were being placed on medians. Empty fields. Abandoned properties etc.. .. lol.. and no..