Monday, December 21, 2015

More City of Milwaukee Elections Board Shenanigans?

Got a call on Friday from David King, a candidate for the 9th Aldermanic District in Milwaukee concerning a phone conversation from someone at the Milwaukee Elections Board office.

They wanted to know if David had seen others in the crowded field out getting signatures on their nomination papers.  It seems that this information would purportedly help the elections board determine how many people would be needed to go over the potential glut of turned in nominations papers.

OK, call me a skeptic but why would Milwaukee Elections Board call David King and not Alderman Puente, both of whom have turned in their signatures.  Now granted I don't know if they called Puente, but it  just seems odd that the board would randomly call a candidate in the crowded field to gather this type of information.

Or maybe it's because candidate King is working the whole district and there's some concern at City Hall.

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