Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gwen Moore Cares? Barnes Has a Clue?

The situation at the Lincoln Hills School juvenile facility is looking like a serious situation that needs to handled correctly and quickly.

It's not a political issue as much as Assemblyman Mandela Barnes would like to make it such.  Barnes, who is gearing up for a primary for state senator and is the ranking minority member on the Assembly Corrections Committee of was quoted as saying "In fact, Wisconsin Republicans were made aware of reports of unsafe behavior and a toxic environment at Lincoln Hills up to a year ago — yet, they failed to act on these systemic failures that put our youth and staff in harm's way."

I wonder why Barnes was not on top of this matter before?  You'd think he would be considering his position on the Correction Committee.

Of course Gwen Moore in her ever so diligent way chimed in, "I fear that, without swift intervention, these inmates are at serious risk of becoming another faceless member of our seemingly endless school-to-prison pipeline. I am determined to fulfill our promise to help these youth become productive and successful members of our society."

How long has Rep. Moore been in office (since 2005)?  Has she ever proposed any "intervention" with the youthful inmates before?  Does she include any recommendations in her statements today?

Unfortunately this is what passes as acceptable representation in the 4th Congressional District.

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Dan Sebring said...

The only thing that has ever been on Gwen Moore's radar is Gwen Moore. She can be defeated, but it won't happen until conservatives in the 4th district believe it. Her two best friends are uninformed voters and the conservative's lost cause mentality.