Sunday, December 6, 2015

Feel Good Failure Priorities #3 - Medical Examiners Office

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran an article today about the County Medical Examiners office and in particular the facility they use to do their job.

In a word - disgusting.

Rats, cockroaches and wood carts for overflow bodies coming in are some of the problems.  As I was about to email my County Supervisor Deanna Alexander concerning this, she posted this on Facebook,
"All the Medical Examiner has on the Christmas list this year is a new facility - and deservedly so! When I toured this facility he said he was surprised that anyone from the board was taking an interest in his department's affairs. I was angry when I saw the conditions and what his department has had to handle. I'm glad that since then Milwaukee County has been working on a plan to remedy this. Slow moving, but on the horizon."
One of the things that impresses me about Supervisor Alexander is the fact that she visits many of the County resources to get a better idea of how to best do her job.

This isn't the case with many of the supervisors.  Instead we get Feel Good Failure resolutions like Khalif Rainey's proposals to let 16 year olds vote in MPS School Board elections, more basketball courts at the lake front and an inept office of African American Affairs which will turn out to be a $300,000 boondoggle.

We have County Board Chair, Theo Lipscomb, wasting $100,000 suing the state to get full time status for the County Board and we could on and on about the board tossing money out the window like it doesn't belong to them.  And it doesn't.

And because of their poor choices and continued arrogance in supporting Feel Good Failure policies they find themselves in a position of running for part time positions.

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