Monday, December 21, 2015

Feel Good Failure Award # 3 - Anyone but White Males

According the Daily Reporter "Milwaukee County contracts of $300,000 or more will now be required to include a minority impact statement." 

This is another hair brained idea from Khalif Rainey.  In his constant assault on taxpayers money Rainey and the Milwaukee County Board approved this resolution.  Here's who the "minority impact statement" is concerned with:
  • Women
  • African-American and Blacks
  • Hispanics / Latinos
  • Asian and Pacific Islanders
  • Native American and Alaskan Natives
  • Elderly, over 65
  • Disabled
So basically the only people who Rainey's not concerned with are non disabled white males under 64. 

This will apply to the County Budget and will put an extra onus on the Community Business Development Corporation. It's a waste of County resources and in their new part time gig I can safely predict that most members of the Milwaukee County Board will not read nor use this information to make an informed decision concerning their votes.

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