Friday, November 6, 2015

MPS School Board Email Fail

I've been known to contact my elected officials from time to time to let them know how I think they should vote on an issue.  Last week was the first time I tried to contact my School Board member, Wendell Harris concerning the Carman HS / Pulaski HS issue of sharing a school building.  I was in favor of the resolution and thankfully so was a majority of the school board and Mr. Harris, who was quite dynamic in his passion.  His position surprised and pleased quite a few people I talked to.

Here's my email:
Mr. Harris,

I would like to encourage you to support the partnership between Carmen
High School of Science & Technology and Pulaski.  Please put the
students of Milwaukee first in your decision.

I'd also like to know why individual emails for the board members are
not on the MPS website. That should be addressed immediately.

Thank you in advance for your wise decision.
 Here's the response (highlights mine):
The members of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors take their obligations to the people whom they represent very seriously. The members of the Board have employment outside their duties on the Board and therefore may not be able to access their emails, which can be quite voluminous, on a regular basis. Many feel that, in order to ensure that their constituents receive as rapid responses as possible to any questions or concerns that they may have, it is best that the Office of Board Governance receive them directly.

Please rest assured that Board members are made aware of any email or other communications that they may receive through the Office of Board Governance, as well as any responses that the Office may make on their behalf.

Annette Fayne
Office of Board Governance
 I'm not sure how to change this policy, but if I can ever get a hold of Wendell Harris I'm going to encourage him to push for a change.  This is an absolutely unacceptable procedure.  I'm thinking that if they can't handle the "voluminous" amount of emails they get from constituents, they should resign the position and allow someone who can handle citizen feedback.

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