Thursday, November 12, 2015

Milwaukee Community After the Doe Master

There's a four pronged attack aimed at Milwaukee County DA John Chisholm by the Milwaukee Community.  The question is which if any will individually or combined will be the one to move him from his current job.

The first was the push back from the John Doe investigation and the possible court battle on the horizon. On the second front, in the upcoming 2016 election, Mr. Chisholm already has a primary opponent, Verona Swanigan, on the Democrat side and we've yet to hear any Republicans making a run.

Today prongs three and four were announced at a rally in Milwaukee.  A combination attack of a petition to remove him from office along with a request for Governor Walker to apply Wis. Statute 17.09 to do the same.

Sherwin Hughes, the host of The Forum on WNOV, was master of ceremonies today and explained some of the complaints against Chisholm and also his disbelief that the Governor will take action.

That would not surprise me as they have put Gov. Walker in a no win situation. No action he doesn't care, action he is acting on retribution for the John Doe investigation.

Also speaking were Nate Hamilton, brother of Dontre Hamilton, and Craig Stingley, father of Corey Stingley who as chocked to death in a West Allis convenience store.

Both gentlemen were passionate and talked about change in Milwaukee leadership, including DA Chisholm.  The problem with both men's speeches was the vagueness of the "they" whom each man blamed concerning Milwaukee leadership.

Until the restlessness in the city get specific in who's to blame for their whoa's there will be no change.  Failed progressive / liberal policies have us in the position we are in and the answer is not more feel good failure policies from the political left.

True change will not happen until a move to the political right is embraced because the "they" currently in office will not make the changes needed.

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