Friday, November 13, 2015

Kilbourn Reservoir Park

I live on Milwaukee's far northwest side and when I travel to the fashionable post hippie East Side I often use North Ave.  There comes a spot on North Avenue where the street inexplicably stops going straight and swerves around an elevated park.  I've always thought that was weird and wondered about the park.

North Avenue is no slouch of a street mind you. Main drag in Wauwatosa, a hub in the Bronzeville area and a hot spot on the east side.

I've never taken the time to investigate the park, until this week.  I found out it is Kilbourn Park and it's has a great view of the city, especially the east side, Lake Michigan and downtown Milwaukee. At one time a reservoir for the city.


Looking East on North Ave.

I took a stroll around the park looking at my city and thinking, you know what we can make positive changes and bring back the glory of a once thriving metro hub.  A cool thing at the park was this learning tool.

The part on the right is a tic-tac-toe game. 

Though overall a fairly plain park I loved the small baseball diamond, the walking paths and the view. 

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