Thursday, October 1, 2015

Martha Laning and Democrat's Black Problem

A video surfaced this week that featured Democratic Party Chairwoman Martha Laning describing her experience of sitting with Rep. David Bowen at a President Barack Obama event.  Here's the video:

The controversy sounding this is interesting.  Those on the right are claiming it's racist mostly because they want her to be held to the same standard that we are judged by.  I would venture that they really don't think her story is of a racist nature.

Those on left are ignoring it like it never happened.  If they did choose to confront it with the vitriolic vigor they would have if a conservative or Republican did this, they would demand her resignation, a public flogging  or at least a mouth washed out in soap punishment.

Some in the black community are calling her out on it.  They've offered no recourse from what I've seen, they seem to be satisfied with an acknowledgement that it's racist, if not of personal intent but then of the institutional type.

I've got a different take on this.  First off, Laning had to tell these grass root Democratic members who David Bowen was. She had to describe him and did as a "wonderful black young man."  Wouldn't you think that these Democratic activists who voted for the leadership tandem of Laning / Bowen should know Rep. Bowen?

Secondly, Laning admits in a round about way that she's never been in an event where the crowd is majority black when she says that she would like to go to an event with filled with African-Americans.

I don't think Martha Laning had any mean or racist intent in telling the story.  I do think that it shows that out of urban area Democrats are no different than out of urban area Republicans. 

And that should make urban voters take a second look at who they vote for.

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