Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Feel Good Failure - part I

We're starting a new section is called Feel Good Failures. It will generally be democrat/liberal/progressive ideas, resolutions, and laws that sound good or feel good but will do nothing to improve life.

Feel Good Failures will also include the bizarre practice of sending out a press release and trying to take credit for actually doing something.  Information on stances that politicians take are good and we encourage the practice, but proclaiming a position on a topic is not action.

We'll start with two winners in the press release category. This week County Supervisor Khalif Rainey issued a press release calling for the state to make changes to the expungement law. If he would maybe talk to a Democrat Assemblyman representing his area he would realize that that is actually something which is being worked on in the assembly.  Secondly, his press release included no action points, just a point of view many of take.

This seems to be the modus operandi of many progressive politicians - whine about a perceived problem but offer no practicable solutions.

On Columbus Day, as the Milwaukee Common Council Finance and Personnel Committee was hosting Police Chief Ed Flynn in a very honest discussion on the uptick in fatal gun violence, State Assemblyman David Bowen was on social media trying to persuade people that his press release and call to change Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day was important.  Considering the other discussions going on, I think not.

Feel Good Failure legislation - yup.

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