Sunday, September 13, 2015

The Trumply Stumply

What Me Worry?
The situation that is Donald Trump is very unique for the Republican Party.  "The Donald" is running like a Democrat and he's attracting voters who are quite displeased with the lack of movement Republicans had promised in the last election cycle.

If you listen to Trump (which isn't always easy) you hear a lot of talk that really doesn't say anything. He does seem to have perfected complaining in a positive way, which was also the 2008 Obama appeal. State the problem as though you are the answer to question.  Don't really offer any solutions to the briefly stated and over simplified problem other to reassure the crowd that you are the answer.

This is a different tactic for conservative candidates.  They usually talk about what solutions they will act upon when elected. It's not that they always follow through, but the solution or issue is the usually the main focus for Republicans not the open ended promises that the individual is the answer.

Liberals on the other hand, especially locally, run on the person. This election tactic is even more evident the further left or progressive the candidate is.

Case in point, Rep. Mandela Barnes defeated Jason Fields in 2012 on the premise that he would be the progressive answer to Fields, who was the most productive Milwaukee assemblyman in passing positive bills for the city.  Now Barnes is readying a State Senate campaign to take on current Sen. Lena Taylor.  What will Barnes run on?  It certainly won't be on his legislative successes.  So one can only assume it will be that Barnes will be the progressive answer to a legislator who is willing at times to work with Republicans to get things done.  His solution to the non problem of getting things done in Milwaukee will be another NO when voting to take action.

Though there is a movement in Milwaukee to call out do nothing elected officials, it still isn't large enough to change the power structure in the city.  The good news is that we still have 3 months to recruit challengers for municipal elections and then another 3 to persuade residents to vote their values and to hold the current group of electeds accountable for the action of lack thereof.

Republican Presidential Primary voters on the other hand have six months to evaluate if they want to follow the feel good failure votes of Democrats or to choose the person with the best solutions for moving the country forward.

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