Sunday, August 30, 2015

Not the Best Business Recruiting Video For Milwaukee

There's a video floating around of some gang members from Milwaukee flashing guns and money along with some braggadocio talk about shooting police.  It's a disturbing video.

It was brazenly released on Facebook last year.  This year it's being aired because one of the participants in this video was busted for drug related offenses.  The Journal Sentinel article shares the views of those involved in the case, disgust and bewilderment reign.

This was mid-day on 32nd and Auer.  The blue star on the graphic to the left shows where the neighborhood is located.

What struck me is that it is in the 30th Street Corridor, highlighted in red, an area that Milwaukee is trying to develop.  From the cities website, " The City of Milwaukee has undertaken an ambitious effort to transform the 30th Street Corridor into a modern employment center and economic hub for the Near North neighborhood."

There seems to be a disconnect somewhere in the plans. How the heck does Mayor Tom Barrett and Department of City Development Commissioner Rocky Marceau, Aldermen, Ashanti Hamilton, Willie Wade and Russel Stamper think they can recruit businesses to the area when this nonsense is going on.

We have a problem in the city. It needs to be addressed by those who have the power to do something.  Mayor Barrett, Police Chief Flynn and the Common Council - that is you. Enough of the pie in the sky, head in the pot hole leadership. Take command.

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