Thursday, August 20, 2015

Is Atty. Lester Pines Wisconsin's Highest Paid non-employee?

It seems that Wisconsin is still taking it in the shorts with former Gov. Jim Doyle's not so fast train from Milwaukee to Madison and it's with the help of Doyle's and the Democrats go to lawyer, Lester Pines.

Talgo received a no bid contract to build the train and a 20 year maintenance agreement courtesy of the former Governor. Problem was, there was a shift in the leadership in Madison and Gov. Scott Walker and the Republican legislature laid those cost inefficient plans to rest.

Shortly after the call to Pines ensued.

A quick google search pulled up some of other jobs Atty. Pines has scored courtesy of the State of Wisconsin.

Lester Pines was appointed by Governor Doyle on multiple matters to represent what Doyle considered to be the state’s interest.  Pines currently represents legislative Democrats in the re-districting battle.  In addition, Pines often represents state employees, sometimes even against the State of Wisconsin.
When 14 Democratic state senators fled Wisconsin last year in an effort to torpedo a Republican law to curtail collective bargaining rights for public employees, a prominent GOP attorney advised the Senate majority leader to bring them back, by force if need be.The Democrats turned to Madison attorney Lester Pines....Not only that, he also took on the Republicans' voter ID law.
 From Act 10 to voter ID, Pines has gone to the courts and helped to stall implementation of some of the cherished policy goals for Walker and the Republicans.
From all accounts Mr. Pines is a heck of an attorney and fights hard for his clients. That's very admirable.

It also seems that thanks to the Democrats Attorney Pines may very well be the person who is paid the most from the State of Wisconsin.

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