Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Working Families (non) Party & Dimitrijevic's Conflict of Interest

So the far left in Wisconsin's Democratic Party want to splinter off into the Working Families (non) Party, because the Democrats aren't far enough to the political left already.

Inspired by the Tea Party, which doesn't claim to be a political party but a movement, this is a liberal / progressive move wants the freedom of the Tea Party movement but doesn't want to give up the control. Hence the party designation.

But is it a political party? The answer is no according to a recent Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article. This non party will not put up candidates to run for partisan office and it will work to influence the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. Much like the organizers currently do.

So if it doesn't do what normal third parties (Libertarian Party, Constitution Party, Green Party, etc) do is it really what it's misnomer of a name claims it is.  Obviously not.

What they are is the same far left group who've run out all middle-left Democrats from the party. It's the same groups who've adopted a modus operandi of what Frederick Douglass called a mobocratic spirit.

According to the MJS article they are zeroing in on Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman Marina Dimitrijevic as their first state director. In general this would not be a disturbing event, but if you look at those behind the Working Families non Party I can see a huge potential conflict of interest here.

Shouldn't the Board Chairwoman immediately recuse herself in all proposed legislation that participating organizations such as Wisconsin Jobs Now, the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association and individuals (Peter Rickman & Mike Wilder) who are involved in creating this non party have collaborated on. They are currently in negotiations to hire Dimitrijevic and the potential for a conflict is real and already present.

Even if Dimitrijevic steps down as Board Chair can she continue on the board while recusing herself from conflicting legislation.  I smell a lawsuit coming if she doesn't immediately leave the county board or remove herself from consideration of the Working Families non Party position.

The old saying is that people's impression is their reality and the impression / reality meter here stinks.

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