Saturday, July 4, 2015

Run From the Change in the Open Records Law

One of the things I learned long ago is that just because you are in a position of leadership it doesn't make you perfect. In fact a good leader will correct an error in the quickest most prudent way possible.

This coming week the Republican leadership in Wisconsin is in that position and one can only hope they come to their senses and withdraw their support of a change in the open records law. Since when did Republicans support a less open government? From a grass roots level - never. From a leadership level - it should be never.

Originally it was inserted into the state budget that may well be voted on this week, but with rightful pressure from the left, right and middle of the political spectrum they are back tracking. What is still somewhat puzzling and disappointing is a seeming hesitancy to totally back away from the suggested change.

Republicans have been in a position of power for about 5 years and this will be their third budget. They need to remember that the best leadership is one that serves others, not one that dictates to others - like the cartoon says that's upside down.

One can't make an error if they do nothing (Democrats), but there is no shame in trying something and finding out it is wrong. As long as you move quickly to rectify the error.

A word of advice for the Republicans - move quickly and eliminate any talk of changing the open records law and stop giving the opposition ammunition come election time.

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