Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Republican What Reach

As a political party the Republicans need to do a better job of sharing and promoting their platform which will lead to success for individuals and our city, state and country. The state party in Wisconsin (RPW) has done an admirable job in laying the groundwork for such an outreach. But there's been a roadblock for the past few months.

The position of outreach director in the black community has been vacant recently. The goodwill which was growing with the previous director is slowly slipping away and there doesn't seem to be a sense of urgency by the State party fill the position. One thing the party leaders need to recognize is that with a senatorial and presidential election only 17 months away they need to get off the pot.

There is the grassroots groundswell movement from the political left to the right in the city of Milwaukee. To sit on the sidelines and not be proactive is a huge tactical error by the RPW.

One of problems the Republicans have had in the past is that those involved in the state politics have jobs that are basically two year election cycle long. As a consequence  they only look 2 years or 4 years down the road when making plans .

In winning over the black vote President Lyndon Johnson claimed that he would have "those n****** voting with the Democrats for 200 years". The bad news for the Democrats, is we are at the 50 year mark and his plan is starting to unravel.

The mission for state Republican is to adapt a 200 year strategy for outreach rather than their short-term election to election outlook.

Black individuals and organizations continue their assiduous activities and a black conservative coalition has formed to bring them together. This is another missed opportunity for party growth as long as the outreach director position remains unfilled.

The Milwaukee North Branch of the Republican Party of Milwaukee County has been active in their outreach events. Recently hosting a booth at the Juneteenth Festival along with an upcoming Pints & Politics to be held at Garfield's 502 Club. The RPW has been supportive of these activities, and even tho all politics is local their support needs to be turned up a notch.

My compadres in Republican state politics, don't make the same arrogant mistakes Democrats do and talk a good game yet not deliver after elections are over. Take action and hire an outreach director for the black community - NOW.

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