Saturday, July 25, 2015

I Called For It - Marina Dimitrijevic Stepping Down

Marina Dimitrijevic is stepping down as Milwaukee County Board Chairwoman, a move I called for last week when it was first announced that she was in the running to be hired as the leader of the Working Families (non) Party in Wisconsin. This is a good wise move by Dimitrijevic.

But I still question her vulnerability representing and voting on measures that may be a conflict of interest. What she has going for her is that the next meeting of the County Board is this coming Thursday, July 30th and then the board basically takes the month of August off, because ... it's August.  So she can collect on her $72,000 County salary until her approximate $70,000 salary for the Working Families (non) Party kicks in.

Her conflict of interest will be become very apparent during the 2016 County budget process as organizers of the WFnP are usually vocal opponents toward any fiscal conservatism that comes up in the budget.

It will be very interesting to see who steps up to fill her shoes. From press reports, Sup. Theo Lipscomb and Sup. Michael Mayo are vying for the position. Right now I'm seeing a 7-5 Lipscomb lead with 5 in the middle and one not sure what his dad would want him to do.

The winner is the one who can dish out the most appealing committee seats.

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