Friday, July 17, 2015

Dead Doe

This is wonderful news, the Wisconsin Supreme Court shut down the John Doe Investigation and the fishing expedition by Democrat Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm.

One of the reasons I'm pleased with this is that it will give extra impetus to the Wisconsin Assembly to address the John Doe law. Talking to a lawyer friend of mine, he explained that the law was so poorly and loosely written that judges were making it up on the fly. As situations came up it was brought in front of a judge and he/she had no legislation to look at so they would have to decide on their own.  We all know that judges shouldn't write laws, but in this case they almost had to.

A second argument for the rewriting of this law is to stop the abuse from ever happening again. You see as much as I like my conservative friends, I don't doubt that some would follow the very poor example of Chisholm and company given the opportunity.

Lastly I would hope that the state legislature would open the process on the restructuring of the proposed new bill. We need to get the concerns of every individual interested in this aired and fairly debated.

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