Thursday, July 9, 2015

Assemblyman's Double Standard on Transparency

While watching the Wis. Assembly discuss the Open Records law Milwaukee Rep. Jonathan Brostoff (D-19) decided to share his wisdom on the subject of transparency. This particularly interested me because the fine young legislator from Milwaukee's East Side has blocked me on Facebook.

This is not sour grapes on my part. The only facebook contact I've had with Rep. Brostoff is in a political chat room, which is currently a private room. What confuses me is that if you join a political chat room, on facebook or elsewhere, you should expect to be engaged in some conversations with those who don't agree with you.

Now I would agree that personal attacks are a different matter and I can understand taking action when that happens, but I have never personally attacked the freshman assemblyman other can calling him out for blocking me in a political chat room.

It's my opinion that if you can't take someone disagreeing with your positions then politics should not be your chosen profession. And you certainly seem a bit hypocritical in pontificating about transparency when you use your power to block people from seeing your opinions on political matters in a political chat room.

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