Friday, June 5, 2015

Voter Fraud at the DPW Convention?

We often hear Democrats telling us that there is no voter fraud. We hear from Republicans that they see people with Illinois license plates at Racine, Kenosha and Milwaukee polling places.  It's tough knowing who's telling the truth (not really).

The Dems will be voting for their new state chair on Saturday and to say it's been a boondoggle would be nice.  There are accusations flowing like beer at a fraternity drinking party.

The process has been crazy. Heck they were not going to allow the venerable icon Vel Phillips to be a delegate. After some scrambling that poor decision was change.

So where's the voter fraud?  Here's an excerpt from a Blogging Blue web post:

Now here’s where things get interesting. Despite all evidence showing Michael Rousek lives and works in Chicago, Illinois, he’s listed as a Milwaukee County delegate to the Democratic Party of Wisconsin’s 2015 convention, and the address listed for Mr. Rousek on the delegate list is a home in the City of Milwaukee that according to City of Milwaukee records is not owned by Rousek, but is owned by two different men, one of whom is Facebook friends with Jason Rae. I attempted to reach Rousek to confirm details pertaining to his residence, employment, and if he was in fact going to be an alternate delegate at the DPW convention, but I received no response to my inquiry.

Another delegate who caught my eye is Dr. Brad Backhaus, who’s listed as an alternate delegate to the convention. According to his public Facebook profileand LinkedIn profile Dr. Backhaus lives and works in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Backhaus is also friends with DPW Chair candidate Jason Rae, having attended Rae’s recent wedding in Milwaukee. According to the delegate list for Milwaukee County, Backhaus is listed as living at a residence in the City of Milwaukee, despite everything I’ve seen that would indicate he lives in Chicago. In his defense, Dr. Backhaus does indicate on his Facebook profile that he is originally from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, so at least he has some connection to our state. That being said, I’m not entirely sure how someone who from everything I’ve seen seems to live and work in Chicago can be a Milwaukee County Democratic Party alternate delegate to the DPW convention, but perhaps I’m just missing some key piece of information.
It's a bit difficult to argue voter fraud doesn't happen when those in your own party question it at your own convention.

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Dad29 said...

An old (now deceased) pal of mine--a VERY active (D) guy who worked for the City of Milwaukee--told me flat-out that the Party engaged in vote fraud at the polls as much as they could. It was going on in the '50's, '60's, '70's....right up to the present date.

He laughed about it: "what's a few votes here and there...." was his exact quote.

It's the only way they can win some races.