Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Rep. Kessler's Hidden Bigotry

We often hear of how Republican and conservatives are racist. The political left is often quick to toss those accusations, oftentimes stretching meaning to make their point.

What we rarely hear about is the hidden soft underbelly of bigotry and racism by the left itself.  On Tuesday the Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill to eliminate the 48 hour waiting period for handgun purchases.

In a news report from the Minneapolis StarTribune we come across this quote by Milwaukee Assemblyman Fred Kessler, "It's just going to result in more violence in our urban communities."

According to Milwaukee Journal Sentinel "critics of the bill said it would eliminate an important safety provision from state statute and allow consumers to purchase guns impulsively, potentially leading to domestic violence and so-called crimes of passion."

So the political argument is that a couple get into a dispute, one of them runs to the local corner gun store, gets quick approval to purchase a gun and bullets and the episode ends with a shooting.  But according to left leaning Kessler, this scenario will happen in the black community more than other area of the state.

It seems that while playing the race card, very poorly here, the true feelings of the former judge are showing.

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